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Stand-up Comedy 8pm

Two-item minimum order per person from your server required.

June 15th

Headliner: Bill Dawes
Bill Dawes is an actor/comic/writer from Virginia with an Aerospace Engineering degree from Princeton University sitting in a storage box somewhere.
Bill has appeared in dozens of TV shows, including “Special Victims Unit,” “Elementary,” “Criminal Minds,” “Kevin Can Wait,” “Rizzoli and Isles,” “Royal Pains,” “The Following,” “Sex and the City,” “Damages,” and many more. He has played lead roles in several feature films, including the award-winning independent films “Before the Sun Explodes,” “Evenhand,” and “Fiona.” He also played leading roles in two MGM children’s films — “Just for Kicks” and “Recipe for Disaster.”
With a Masters Degree from NYU, Bill is 3-time Broadway veteran, most notably originating the role of Paul Hornung in the Tony-nominated play “Lombardi,” directed by Thomas Kail. His most recent Broadway role was Mickey Mantle in the MLB-produced “Bronx Bombers.”
As a standup comedian, Bill has performed in over 12 countries, including New Zealand, South Africa, the Philippines, and USO tours of Iraq. Kuwait and Afghanistan.
Bill calls both New York and LA his home (depending on his mood) and considers the Hollywood Laugh Factory and Gotham Comedy Club his home clubs. He has more videos than any other comedian on the Laugh Factory Youtube channel (over 50) and has appeared twice on “Gotham Comedy Live” on AXSTV.
As a writer, Bill has had several articles published in publications like “The New York Observer,” “Punchline Magazine,” and “Good Men Project.” He has also written for several comics, including co-writing Jamie Kennedy’s Comedy Central special “Uncomfortable.”
FUN FACTS: Bill’s a former professional breakdancer, a former kundalini yoga teacher, and a current Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt.

With: Andre Ricks
Get ready to laugh until your sides ache, because Andre Ricks is here to deliver the comedic goods!As one of the first-generation door guys personally chosen to work at Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership, he's honed his craft amidst the best in the business.

But Andre is more than just a comedian; he's a modern-day nomad with a passport full of stamps and a heart full of laughter. As a seasoned traveler, he's soaked up humor from every corner of the globe, infusing his routines with an international flavor that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Don't let his quick wit fool you; Andre is also a self-proclaimed "closeted feminist," weaving sharp social commentary into his comedy with finesse and hilarity. His unique perspective adds depth and dimension to his routines, captivating audiences and leaving them rolling in the aisles.

Whether he's exploring the absurdities of everyday life or shedding light on important social issues, Andre's comedy is guaranteed to bring smiles to faces and laughter to hearts. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with Andre Ricks, the comedic maestro who's taking the world by storm, one punchline at a time!

Joseph Roberts; June 22, 2024

Stand-up Comedy 8pm

Two-item minimum order per person from your server required.

June 22nd

Comedy Hypnotist: Joseph Roberts Watch as Joseph invites volunteers from the audience to get hypnotized on stage right before your eyes then be amazed at what happens next when he gives them suggestions to do the most outrageously funny things you can possibly imagine. This show is perfect for groups. Imagine seeing somebody you know on stage being the star of the night! Laugh till it hurts with this nonstop roller coaster ride that will have you and your friends coming back over and over again to try it for yourself. If you are ready for something totally over the top, then you are coming on the right night! This show will get wilder and wilder as the night goes on. In fact, we can’t even write what happens during this event. Let’s just say that once the subjects on stage get hypnotized it is going to get very out of control and leave it at that. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Your sides will hurt from laughing so hard at this event. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

John Wessling, Anthony Pappaly; June 29, 2024

Stand-up Comedy 8pm

Two-item minimum order per person from your server required.

June 29th

Headliner: John Wessling
Host of the After Later podcast, this native Texan was a finalist on Last Comic Standing on NBC, roasted Jeff Foxworthy on Comedy Central, told jokes on LIVE at GOTHAM, made comedy history by performing in all 50 states in 50 consecutive days, performed two years in a row at the world famous Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, dominated as “Killer B” on Versus’ Network’s FANARCHY, has been an award-winning podcaster, and worked as major-market sports talk radio host. But most importantly, John Wessling is very funny and puts on one hell of a show!

Featuring: Anthony Pappaly

Anthony Pappaly is a stand-up comedian currently based out of Florida. Originally from California, he performs stand-up all across the country in clubs, theaters, laundromats and everything in between.

He has performed in the Desi Comedy Fest, Burbank Comedy Festival, and even took his silly, self-deprecating antics abroad to perform for the troops, while deployed as an active-duty Coast Guardsman himself. Anthony brings a sort of silliness to the stage that makes him hard…to forget.

Scott Hardy, Lane Kray, July 27, 2024

Stand-up Comedy 8pm

Two-item minimum order per person from your server required.

July 27th

Hosted by: Scott Hardy
A veteran of standup comedy, Scott Hardy has performed in comedy clubs, colleges, corporate events, cruise ships…basically anything that starts with the letter “C”. He’s opened for Jimmy Buffett, Dolly Parton, Mel Torme, Chicago, and many more. Scott has worked closely with The Ellen Degeneres Show for the past 6-7 years making sure his Nana Gladys Hardy gets through loud and clear to Ellen. Some even speculate that Scott is Gladys! His shows are consistently positive, and his material is proven, but you never know quite where he’s going to go. “I love improvisation and discovering the funniest moments with the audience. After 27 years of performing standup, this is how I’ve never grown tired of my own act. Also, just as impressive, is how I have managed to successfully remain undiscovered!

Featuring: Lane Kray

Lane Kray is a celebrated comic and freestyle-rapper based in Austin, TX. You’ve seen him on NBC’s Last Call, teaching Jonny Bananas how to battle rap (he lost) and on amazing festivals like Altercation Comedy. Kray’s signature closer involves making a song on the spot from crowd work and random suggestions. He’s made it his life’s purpose to perfect the skill of freestyle rapping, to fulfill his parent’s dreams of him becoming a lawyer. Get your random topics ready- Kray can’t be stumped.