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Our Pastime Drive-In is OPEN for business!

Check back for 2021 showtimes or RENT the DRIVE-IN for your very own drive-in experience! YES YOU CAN!

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Drive-In Rules


  • Vehicle lights MUST be turned off while parked.
  • STAY within the designated lines of your parking slot.
  • Hatchbacks must keep hatch closed as to not obstruct view of screen.
  • You are permitted to sit outside (and in FRONT of) your vehicle.
  • You MUST NOT block any fire lanes.
  • Sitting on top of your vehicle is not permitted.
  • Larger vehicles MUST park in the back rows, and not obstruct the view of others.
  • Diesel or after-market muffler vehicles may NOT run engines during showtime.
  • Vehicles that do not create noise or exhaust problems may continue to run.

Food + Drinks

  • Outside food or beverages is NOT permitted including outside cups, bottles or cans.
  • Coolers are not allowed.
  • Beer, wine and mixed drinks are available OUTSIDE. You will be asked to show your I.D.
  • If you appear intoxicated someone will be asked to drive you home.


  • Please practice "social distance guidelines" from others not in your group.
  • Masks are not required in parking lot but are required INSIDE our facility.
  • ENSURE your children do not leave your car or seating area.
  • Screaming or yelling is not permitted.
  • Smoking or vaping is NOT allowed, unless in our designated area to the left of handicap parking.
  • Friendly, quiet, well-behaved dogs are allowed and MUST be leashed at all times.
  • You MUST pick up after your pet.
  • SILENCE all cell phones and electronic devices.
  • If you are loud and disruptive to others, you may be asked to leave.

Rain Policy

In the event of rain, we will not cancel a showing until 15 minutes after start time. If after 15 minutes it is not safe to run our equipment, we will cancel the showing. If it starts raining during a showing we will cover our equipment. If it takes longer than 15 minutes for the rain to pass, we will not continue the show. We will then issue rainchecks to come back at a future date. If there is lightening or dangerous weather in the forecast for that night's showing, we reserve the right to cancel up to 30 minutes before showtime. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Drive-In FAQs

Q: How much is the drive in?
A: Vehicle slots are $20.00. Military and Senior discount at $18.00 with one person in the vehicle with ID.

Q: Can I walk in or bike?
A: Yes, walk-ups are priced: $10.00 for adults, $8.00 for children 3-11, Military (with ID) & Senior 60+. Bring your own chair. Walk-up tickets may be purchased at Check-in tent.

Q: When will Pastime Drive-In operate?
A: Pastime Drive-In will be in Bastrop for several consecutive nights, with a showing beginning 30 minutes after sunset. Watch our Facebook for movie showings.

Q: How can I get tickets?
A: Pre-buy your tickets at Tickets may also be purchased at check-in gate, but WE RECOMMEND purchasing ahead of time.

Q: What happens if you sell all the available parking slots?
A: We have a limited number of outdoor walk-up tickets available. Bring your own chair or blanket. YOU MUST bring your own radio.

Q: When will we have access to the parking lot?
A: Gate opens at 6:30PM. Parking slots are first come, first serve. Please arrive at least 20 minutes before showtime. Showtime will be 30 minutes after sunset.

Q: How do we hear the movie?
A: At check-in we will give you an FM station to tune into. You can also bring a portable radio to use to listen to the movie.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks?
A: No outside food or drinks are allowed into the drive-in lot.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes, all major credit cards.

Q: Can I order food?
A: Yes, we will have limited concessions outside. Look for the Concession tent. We also have a full-service menu on our website or inside at Concession.

Q: Do you have a Concession stand outside?
A: Yes - it is located inside the parking lot, near the screen.

Q: Will you be selling alcohol outside?
A: Yes, we will offer canned beer and wine at our concession booth.

Q: Can I purchase alcohol inside to bring outside?
A: No. BUT, you are welcome to run inside to the full bar. Our bar is open until 9PM on Thursday and Sunday, and 11PM Friday/Saturday.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Well-behaved dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash, however, we do want to ensure a pleasant experience for all by minimizing disruptions or distractions. You may be asked to leave if your dog is causing a disturbance.

Q: Do you have a smoking area?
A: Yes, it is located to the far left of the main building's entrance.

Q: Can I leave my car running?
A: Yes, as long as it does not create an exhaust or noise issue for others.

Q: Any suggestions of items I should bring?
A: Bug spray, blanket, pillows, folding chairs, portable fan, portable radio, etc.

Q: Will my battery die running the radio in my vehicle?
A: Most vehicle batteries provide more than sufficient power to allow for time to watch the movie, however, if your vehicle does not start please let us know as we do have jumper cables.

Q: What if jumper cables do not work?
A: Please let Management know if you need to leave your vehicle overnight.

Q: What happens if it starts to rain?
A: Our projector is not intended to operate in the rain. The movie will be paused and we will wait for 15 minutes to see if the rain will pass. If we are unable to continue, we will issue rainchecks to come back at a future date.